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Welcome to Yoganomics® • the blueprint of yoga

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Bikram Teacher Chloe Hallock - Portland, Oregon

Bikram Yoga Fremont Street Teacher: Chloe Hallock - Portland, Oregon

Welcome to the official Yoganomics® Website.

What is Yoganomics?  More importantly, why is Yoganomics important to the community of yoga?

Yoganomics is the first online yoga business to business oriented trade publication.

Yoganomics Mission Statement is to be the blueprint of yoga development… an intuitive “self help” resource guide for any yoga teacher or yoga business.

We were created by a yogi, written by yogis, and we are for yoga professionals.

There will be NO hidden agendas… Yoganomics maintains the ethical value of transparency within our content… just yoga teachers and studios or people who make their living in the yoga community.

Information is key to the yoga community and Yoganomics is directing that information to yoga professionals, so it can better utilized for communication, and inevitably business.

Yoga is a worldwide practice, the more awareness there is within our community means the more awareness we can cultivate in our yoga practice and our businesses.

Regular newsletter topics are going to encompass most areas of yoga small business, and included in each newsletters you will find yogis writing articles about:

  1. Happenings within yoga around the world, and how is it effecting the world we live in? Yoganomics is combining all the yoga specific news media networks from all participating Yoga Teachers, Yoga Studios,  Magazines, blogzines and articles.
  2. Functional marketing tools and directory service for teachers, studios, retreat centers, yoga educational institutions, retreat centers, ashrams, community classes, Non-profits and other yoga related businesses.
  3. Reporting on legislation and legal issues surrounding yoga in the United States.
  4. Biographies of teachers, studios and businesses from around the world.
  5. Independent yoga clothing yogi & yogini manufacturers showcasing their process and their talents.
  6. Link articles from major yoga magazines, and yoga blogs.
  7. Regular blog updates by known yoga bloggers.
  8. Yoga Scholarships are available – limited availability so please apply. Placement and helpful suggestions.

Current forms of yoga media are not answering even the business needs of yoga teachers and studios.  Yoganomics has been created and is engineered to be a one stop shop for yoga professionals and yoga businesses, and every studio will be emailed a newsletter asking them to join the Yoganomics mailing list.

Currently there are three aspects for Yoganomics® :

  1. – Yoganomics the online Yoga Trade Blog Zine
  2. – Social networking and individual blog site for all to use.
  3. Yoganomics Constant Contact – Sign up and receive Newsletters.

More details are to follow –

  • If you are in the field of yoga, you can write and article for the Newsletter on your specific field!  Contact me for details at

Welcome … and namaste,

Brian Castellani

© 2010 Yoganomics®. Design & Production by Brian Castellani. All rights reserved.


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