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Yoganomics® Newsletter, Issue 1, Year 1 (The First Newsletter Goes Out!)

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Subject: Yoganomics® Newsletter, Issue 1, Year 1

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Yoganomics® – a blueprint for yoga business
February, 2010
Barbara Vonair, Victor Van Kooten, Angela Farmer, Brian Castellani
Dear Colleagues and Yoga Friends

Yoganomics® is my new venture of a yoga business to business industry newsletter about your stories, your successes and sometimes even learning lessons.  This is the first issue, so please… sign up for my newsletter on Constant Contact and respond to me directly and let me know what you think.

I am about to go to Houston, Texas to the Texas Yoga Conference Texas Yoga Conference to film and document yogis coming together for the trying cause of misclassification of legislative taxation laws for yoga as a whole state. If this interests your studio or business, then let me know…   I encourage anyone interested to find out how you can start your own local conference to gain awareness around your city’s legislative process… Please get in touch with me.

At heart, Yoganomics is about the local yoga demographic.

The only purpose is to inform teachers and studios about what is out there and available.

It’s a free newsletter and if you want to write an article then please let me know by checking the box when you click on the link to sign up for the newsletter.

During the entire duration of the  “Yoga Legislation Issue,” the larger Yoga Media Magazines and other media outlets have remained removed and un-involved. Disappointingly, Yoga Alliance, too, has been too far removed and un-involved as of yet…

Until now….

I have asked Yoga Alliance and most of the magazine publishers to submit statements on what they thought about Tax Legislation, and so far I have only gotten one.  I am currently in the process of obtaining statements from Yoga Alliance and four other magazines.

Note that our second article focuses on Bob Butera Phd, Editor of Yoga Living Magazine, who writes about the Legislation Issue. I commend him for his thought provoking words on the topic yoga, taxation, Yoga Alliance and local legislation.

Finally we have Twitter News from the renowned blogger YogaDork who gives us a twit about February.

All the Articles are excellent and I would love your feedback on them.  Thank you.

I have listened to you for four years about how yoga needs an unbiased voice, free from commercial interest’s and I want you to know I heard you.

I am answering that request.

Please sign up for the Yoganomics Newsletter – here.

Please join the free Yoganomics social network: and email me at

Thank you and Namaste,

Brian Castellani
Yoganomics creator and director
Website: Yoganomics®

(415) 513-2248

Living Yoga Magazine Editor Talks on Yoga Taxes
Bob Butera, Phd, Editor of Yoga Living Magazine

In Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware where Yoga Living magazine circulates as a bi-monthly magazine, we have not heard of legislation regulating Yoga teachers. There have been rumors, but nothing has reached the floor of the State Legislature.

Like most Yoga communities, we oppose regulating Yoga practitioners as there are spiritual as well as physical implications with the various Yoga organizations. Also, there appear to be no gains for the client of Yoga schools.

First of all, how would one regulate an industry that has such variety from the overly physical approaches to the spiritual approaches of yoga practice. Some Yoga schools are similar to fitness clubs, while other Yoga schools function like religious groups and there are plenty of schools in the middle or both! The point being that each of these schools serve their students and there would be no set of regulations that could fit any school.

Texas Yoga Conference
Jennifer Buergermeister
Location: 2929 Unity Drive, Houston, TX

Jenny Hand to Foot

The Texas Yoga Association could not have formed at a better time.  These words have been echoed many times over the past few weeks from Houston to Austin to Dallas.

In January 2010, the Texas Workforce Commission served more than 25 yoga studios and yoga teachers with correspondence suggesting that yoga training programs were subject to licensing laws pertaining to vocational schools under the state education code.  Houston had been warned last fall that the yoga community was on the radar of the Texas Workforce Commission.

It was only a matter of time before these letters were received.  As Houston and Dallas studios were served by the Texas Workforce Commission simultaneously, we quickly learned the entire yoga community is subject to government scrutiny.  Recognizing that the Texas yoga community was without an organization advocating for the rights of yoga
in this state, Jennifer Buergermeister founded the Texas Yoga Association.

Since the fall of 2009, the Texas Yoga Association had been researching these issues,
looking at how other states are handling regulation, raising awareness in the Texas yoga
community and planning for Texas to unite in order to respond.  The Texas
Yoga Association represents One Yoga, forming alliances among Texas yoga
studios, teachers and students, and with yoga enthusiasts in other states,
uniting the yoga community and promoting that we do more than practice yoga,
we must Be Yoga.  Although the Texas Yoga Association had planned to launch
at the Texas Yoga Conference on February 19-20, 2010, the launch date would
have to be pushed up to meet the deadlines issued by the Texas Workforce

About Yoganomics®

Thank your for signing up for the Yoganomics Newsletter… the intention is to keep is created by a yogi, written by yogis, and for yoga professionals.

If you are interested in providing photography and / or video and / or story ideas, please let me know.


Brian Castellani
San Francisco, California 94102
Yoganomics Email

Issue 1:1 of Yoganomics, February
Living Yoga Magazine Editor Bob Butera
Texas Yoga Conference
YogaDork February

Taxing yoga on a local level will hurt a lot of small businesses in each legislation city.  It requires all teachers & studio’s to pay licensing fee’s to offer Teacher Trainings… That applies to Master Teachers who give CEU’s at yoga conferences, too. (Legislation states would only support local teachers at national conferences) The current legislation is a quick fix to our nation’s deficit problem that can’t be fixed by forcing band-aids and snappy fix-its on local tax budgets.  If you think as a yoga teacher that it doesn’t affect you, you’re wrong. The current Legislation effects the independent participants of yoga, namely yoga teachers, and studios.

Common Sense says that if First Lady, Michelle Obama, is setting forth to change America’s youth in her  “Let’s Move” program… away from the bad habits of eating and not exercising, then why are the local state governments going after the practice of yoga that  is founded on holistic care?

Patricia Diart

Patricia Diart, RYT

Angela Farmer Victor Van Kooten

by: @YogaDork

Listen…do you hear that? Could it be the tugging of yogadork heart strings? Cheers from the masses celebrating the Chinese New Year? Oh my, have we already sailed through the first months of a new decade, past February lovefest and onto the year of the Tiger? It’s true, 2010 has swept us from a sleepy child’s pose straight into a high flying adho mukha vrksasana with feet dangling high above our heads. Busy times! And if the global stirrings and buzzing of the interwebs are any indication, there will be no slowing down for a year full of high-energy and mondo transitory shifts. A lot’s happened already so far…

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