Yoga & Service: A Challenge For You

YogaBear Halle Tecco

by: Halle Tecco

One word can define the rewards of working on Yoga Bear: community. We have built a family of volunteers and participants who have come together to promote healthy living and address the issues of cancer and survivorship. Our work is entirely volunteer driven, meaning the impact we have made in the cancer community stems from the individual devotion of about 30 selfless volunteers. While we are all drawn to the cause for a different reason, we work together to rise above challenges and build hope and unity in our local communities (25 states to be exact).

There’s a thin line between volunteer and participant. While we have offered over $100,000
worth of yoga passes to cancer patients and survivors, many of those same men and women contribute back to the community in unique ways. Many of our volunteer Chapter Directors are survivors themselves, and others use the Yoga Bear website to share their experiences and support
others who are currently going through treatment. The principles of yoga rest on inclusion and compassion—the values we (Yoga Bear volunteers) live by.

Yoga Bear really began to flourish when we started to look outside the boundaries of our own organization. Non-profits are constantly pressured for donation dollars and volunteer service, which
can unfortunately drive competition. But as soon as we began to view others— hospitals, yoga studios, like-minded non-profits, etc.—as partners, the tide began to lift all boats.

We live in a fast-paced, individualistic world, where it is often easier to rise to the top alone than take a moment to stop. Breathe. Reflect. And help others achieve greatness.

We face an incredible time in history, with grave challenges alongside heightened opportunity to connect. The world needs everyone to think in new ways, break stereotypes, and achieve greatness. I challenge you to take what you love about yoga and give back to the world.


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