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Yoganomics Website Sitemap

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The following is a Yoganomics Sitemap of contents to show how the Yoganomics site is organized.
  • Yoganomics® –  a blueprint of yoga business
    • Welcome to Yoganomics® –
    • Yoganomics Today
      • @castellani – articles specifically by @castellani
      • DownDogLaw™ – Informative articles about yoga legislation in America and beyond.
      • YogaDigg™ – YogaDigg, @YogaDork, YogaBlogs, YogaTwit, send in your favorite yoga article (no matter how far back it stretches) and we’ll link it with your explanation!
      • Kids Yoga Corner™ – children’s yoga, specific advice, techniques and theory for instructing children.
      • Ordinary Yoga™ – Online Biographies on Ordinary Yoga
      • Yoga Clothed™ – “Clothed in Yoga” – featured yoga clothing designers, independent or actual businesses.
      • Yoga Conferences and Festivals – Yoga Conferences happening in the Continental United States, in Asia, India, Turkey, Africa and the Middle East.
      • Yoga News Network™ – Editorial, articles, yoga reports, yoga event’s, yoga persons, yoga retreat locations, significant tips on yoga business from great teachers, media yoga editors, articles to make you evaluate the way business is being conducted.
      • Yoga NP – Exciting Yoga Non-Profits that make a hands-on difference.
      • Yoga Retreats Perspective – Yoga Retreats from the perspective of the person taking them and the person taking you!
      • Yoga Road Map™ – My auto-biographical log of visited Studios, Teacher Trainings, Teachers, and yoga retreats. Fully integrated with twitter!@YogaRoadMap
      • Yoganomics Newsletter – The latest Newsletter that was just sent out.
      • Yoga Scholarship – Limited availability for more information about the Yoga Scholarship please email:
    • Yoganomics Sitemap of Sections
    • Archives

Written by brian castellani

March 14, 2010 at 8:17 am

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