Yoga Alliance and an Unapparent Admission

Yoga Alliance’s is silent and tells us that they could foresee this coming because they suggested it in the first place:  (EX) “CEO R. Mark Davis” – “has had conversations with regulating bodies around the country.”  (the rest of that conversation is below) This is not  a new statement, as a matter a fact, I am simply re-stating what has already been said previously on a Facebook posting.

Please read the quote:

Yoga Alliance President & CEO R. Mark Davis has had conversations with regulating bodies around the country, including Virginia, regarding the laws that apply to yoga teacher training. In these conversations he has:

1. Explored every possible exemption for YTT’s based on state laws.

2. Educated regulators that YTT does not represent a postsecondary vocational school career path.

3. Educated the state about how enforcement of a law with very high application fees (such as VA) causes undue financial burden on small schools.

4. Successfully persuaded states to adopt Yoga Alliance’s 200 hour standard as the benchmark for the curriculum requirement of the licensing process. The self-regulatory role the standards play is crucial because if a state chose to develop their own requirements without fully understanding yoga the impact could be detrimental to the yoga community as a whole. A number of states simply require proof of registration with Yoga Alliance, thereby reducing the application paperwork.

5. Worked with the media to educate them about the issue and providing historical and factual statements for accurate reporting.

Possible reasons they suggested for every state to adopt the “Yoga Alliance” standards?

First, Yoga Alliance wields the power of suggestion around like its a weapon.

  1. Yoga Alliance is a 501c3 public charity, and cannot fundraise, or lobby for yoga teachers, or yoga studio rights, and therefor can only be a registry of yoga teachers, teacher trainings, and studios… Yoga Alliance is a registry that doesn’t have any governing force, and can only suggest.
  2. The pre-emptive, pre-meditated “suggestion” that the local city governments to adopt Yoga Alliance standards has been done on purpose.
  3. The initial NY yoga Teacher Trainings came under scrutiny,  the Yoga Alliance response was “we saw regulation coming…”  (because they suggested it).

Both people and companies communicate through their inherent behavior.  When people act with bad behavior they are punished.  When corporations act with bad behavior, the public may chastise the company but on a base level people accept that corporations naturally “do bad things.”  Contrary to their actions, Yoga Alliance’s Mission Statement says something completely different than the actions they have committed:

Our mission is to lead the yoga community, set standards, foster integrity, provide resources, and uphold the teachings of yoga.

We do not claim to “represent yoga” in the United States, but do represent our registrants and support all yoga teachers, whether or not registered with our organization.

Who are they supporting but themselves, and their own survival?

If American yoga is to survive, we should consider cleaning up our own backyard.

Does American yoga support a falsely “benevolent” but really a “suggestive”  and powerless 501C3 non-profit company?

My estimate is that Yoga Alliance represents about 20 – 30% of the actual yoga teachers in the United States.

Yoga Alliance is a non-profit that fired/laid-off 3 of their employees in March, and then had their longest standing employee resigned, then they started cleaning up the negative comments off Facebook.


2 thoughts on “Yoga Alliance and an Unapparent Admission

  1. Brian, I’m really enjoying your posts. Very informative without bias or condition. Excellent! Keep up the great work!
    Peace & Pleasure,


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