Building the Foundation of Your Yoga Business – Part 1

by: Amber Dehn

Starting your own business can be crazy, hectic, and a big step into the unknown.  But look at it this way; you are doing something that many people are too afraid to try, and you are preparing yourself to share your gifts, talents, products, and abilities with the world in a very real way.  Creating a solid, organized foundation for your business will help you (and your team of employees, if applicable) create a realistic plan for your business’ startup, and improve your ability to reach goals in the future.

Do YOU Know What You Are Talking About?

Regardless of the small size or young age of your business, you can attract larger opportunities than what you may expect if you have the following four foundations prepared for yourself;

    1. A 10 Second Pitch:  Yes, only 10 seconds of you explaining to your attentive listener  exactly what you are trying to accomplish with clear, concise language.  When you are networking, remember to use key words that help you explain your mission, demonstrating confidence, and banishing naiveté.   Once your 10 seconds are up, stop, look, and listen to your new networking friend as they ask you questions, or offer something about themselves.  New business owners tend to ramble, quickly losing their listener’s interest and their own reputation as they talk too long between conversational breaks.
    2. Research, Research, Research:   Know your market, customer, competition, product and personal niche inside and out.  Take the extra time to know both your business, and the businesses of others that are similar, or even different than your own.  Education and investigation can lead to new opportunities via networking, or expose weaknesses in your plan that you would not have otherwise seen.
    3. Organization:  Want to look, feel, and run like a confidence oozing machine?  Organize your time, money, paperwork, schedule and notes like a true entrepreneur.    Binders, post-its, folders, Quick Books, and a daily planner go very, very far.  Don’t let yourself fall into a pattern of disarray.  It looks unprofessional when you lose things or arrive late to meetings.  Do things clean and neat, and you will already be ahead of the game.  This includes organizing your finances!
    4. CONFIDENCE:  When you take the time to prepare a 10 second pitch, research, and organize, you have given yourself the foundation to be confident.  You know your stuff, and with that, you can expand into the business world with eloquence and ease.  Confidence lets you shine both as an individual, and as a business owner.  Remember, you can always fake it until you make it.  If it worked for me, it can definitely work for you!

Creating a solid foundation for your new business is essential for your future success.  Cutting corners, or refusing to put in those late hours could really kick you in the butt later.  Be exceptional in your line of business by being organized, and managing your time and energy.  Direct the flow of your new creation with proper business planning and research.  Getting help from someone more experience can be a great eye opener to getting things started right.  I highly recommend meeting with more than one retired Executive from the Small Businesses Association (SBA) sub-group, the Service Corps of Retired Executives (SCORE).  You may set up appointments at:

No matter what line of business you are getting into, whether it is so-called spiritual or not, it is important  to do things right the first time as you set up your new business.  This will help with day to day activities and with helping you reach your long term goals.  Congratulations on your new business, and look for segment two of three in the next Yoganomics newsletter.

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.”

– Thomas Edison

Amber Dehn Yoga Teacher Entrepreneur
Amber Dehn Yoga Teacher Entrepreneur

An avid yoga enthusiast, Amber Dehn lives and practices yoga in Denver, Colorado.  Having started and then sold the Bolder Yoga Mat Company at the age of 24, she loves helping others be bolder with their businesses and yoga practices.  She is also a 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher and does Muay Thai.


One thought on “Building the Foundation of Your Yoga Business – Part 1

  1. SCORE is a wonderful place to get help and advice and I have utilized them before. As my intention is to open a yoga studio/business in the future I will refer back to this. It’s far too easy to have a fantasy of what your business should look like and fall into the trap of jumping in without laying the groundwork to make it a work.

    This is such helpful advice!


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