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Yoga – standing up against the Waterloo of State Regulation #2

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I wasn’t planning on talking about any of this tonight, so please bear with me.

I have been covering yoga regulation from the very start. I am acquainted with Alison West (NY), Susan Van Nuys (VA), Anne Phyphe (WA), and filmed the Texas Yoga Conference and flew to Louisiana to help educate the studios there.

Yoga Alliance has been doing a sub-par job of being the self-proclaimed authority on Yoga Registration. They have provided no guidance when teachers and studios have asked about what to do regarding yoga regulations. As a matter a fact, according to Yoga Alliance, teachers and studios should comply with the local laws and standards within there specific state.

Yoga Alliance told teachers and studios in NY to submit to the regulations. Yoga Alliance told teachers and studios in Texas to submit to the regulations. Yoga Alliance told teachers and studios in Virginia to submit to the regulations.

Why would Yoga Alliance want yoga teachers and studios to submit?

If individual state’s adopt the Yoga Alliance 200/500 hour standards as the basis of “Yoga Regulation,” then the Yoga Alliance membership would increase from the current 30,000 to huge amount of members, maybe internationally too.

Yoga Alliance has a financially vested interest in individual states adopting their standards. Yoga Alliance is only a registry, not an legal body able to represent “yoga” yoga in court of law, and definately an assumed governing body within the practice of American yoga.

They don’t do enough….

Yoga Alliance has very limited authority and people have many misconceptions regarding what they do, what people think they are responsible for, how many yoga practitioners, teachers and studios actually belong to Yoga Alliance and how their registry actually works….

Is it a needed job? Maybe, but the qualification and judging of American and International yoga can certainly be done by a more comprehensive yoga entity that can accomplish more than bean counting.

Change is knocking right now… 21 states are under some type of yoga regulation, we need to pull together and stay focused on keeping yoga regulated for ourselves by a real non-profit that can effect real change. Either Yoga Alliance gets on board, and helps facilitate that change or we are going to be taxed in an already inflated industry. Thanks – Get in touch if you want specifics –

Brian Castellani


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