Chronicles of Anne-Marie Slater – Yoga Teacher, London, UK

Chronicles of Anne-Marie Slater – Yoga Teacher, London, UK

Anne-Marie Slater, Yoga Teacher, London, UK

by: Anne-Marie Slater

What is important to you in your Yoga Practice?

The important things in my yoga practice are:

A. peace of mind.

Anne-Marie Slater, Yoga Teacher, London, UK
Anne-Marie Slater, Yoga Teacher, London, UK

When I started practicing yoga I did it to release me from stress and strains of office work etc.  Not using yoga as yet another distraction which I see in many novice yogis. It’s like hearing a song on the radio that automatically put’s a smile on your face. Not because it holds any nostalgia, simply because you love that song.

B. Learning, development and change.

Yogic is organic and it constantly evolves and with that so does a yogis learning and being. I do not have all the answers to all my students’ questions but they appreciate the fact that I instinctively make the effort to find out and come back to them with the answers. I never, and still don’t really, notice that in myself, it took a class to point it out to me and say thank you to me for it. I feel very humble to my students.

C. Awareness:

this is to say that I don’t always get the chance to go to classes much these days but i am aware of how my mind and body are as a three dimensional jigsaw and what I need to do in my self-practice to continue to benefit. I took up trampolining at 25 and have since had a few injuries but thanks to yoga I am able to recover quicker than most and adjust my training so that I can continue to do something rather than nothing.

Anne-Marie Slater, Yoga Teacher, London, UK
Anne-Marie Slater, Yoga Teacher, London, UK

Things to Remember:

1. Yoga business as a teacher?

Teaching yoga is the best job I have ever had and I would not change it for the world. I want to teach yoga for the rest of my life and i have known that for a flightily long time. However, as great as yoga is as a way of life, teaching yoga is basically impossible to make a decent living out of. My wage is half of my basic living cost, I go without lunch to be able to afford my travel costs to teach yoga. On the back of this I set up our group (now not-for-profit company) to provide yoga to everyone, I know how difficult it was/is for myself. The group looks after me and in turn I look after the group. We make it possible to live a yogic lifestyle. The group has grown and grown and we make successful charity donations each year out of any money left in our pot. We have gratefully earnt the respect of many VIP’s for it.

2. Tips for staying focused and grounded and where you want to go?

In truth it’s difficult to give a ‘tip’ we all struggle, half the battle is being aware that you are not alone and being conscious of all that is around you. are you the sort of person who walks past the beauty salon in the high street and sees someone who has paid for a hand massage or are you like me and sees that it’s fabulous – what a great thing – a blind person having a hand massage, how wonderful that must be, I can not afford a hand massage yet my mind is on how can my group provide such things for others and allow them to be able to afford it?

3. Little fun snippets about you and your yoga practice.

There is always fun in my yoga practice be it me making myself laugh or others, colleagues and students alike. Every class holds something new and fun and exciting to be found and enjoyed and shared. Monday this week i was booked to teach one of the groups’ yoga for schools projects. The class of 10/11yr olds is quite round, I taught them last term for 5 classes and I am back after about 1 months break, I can hear the class as I walk down the corridor, they are the ones making the most noise out of all of the other class rooms. I can hear the teacher shouting above them to be heard, they are having an english lesson. The class room door is open; I quietly stroll up to the opening in the door way and hold back standing in the corridor so that the teacher can see me from her desk but the children. She turns and say’s is it today? I forgot! The children question her, I pop my head around the corner and the children cheer and ask ‘where have you been’? I laughed; they didn’t treat me like that last term!


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