Yoganomics, the Brief 2009-2017 History

As a rule of thumb, I tried to make it to yoga usually 6 days of week, and most weeks I succeeded, however doing yoga all the time really can take it’s toll on you emotionally as well as physically.


Chronicles of Anne-Marie Slater – Yoga Teacher, London, UK

Chronicles of Anne-Marie Slater - Yoga Teacher, London, UK by: Anne-Marie Slater What is important to you in your Yoga Practice? The important things in my yoga practice are: A. peace of mind. When I started practicing yoga I did it to release me from stress and strains of office work etc.  Not using yoga … Continue reading Chronicles of Anne-Marie Slater – Yoga Teacher, London, UK

It’s become a doggy-DownDog world out there

It’s become a doggy-DownDog world out there. Yoga has grown exponentially in the past 10 years. So, before you start your business there are things to consider. Being a teacher requires more than a certificate and registration with Yoga Alliance. It requires strong devotion, true dedication and steadfast integrity – among other things. It is not to be taken lightly. Unfolding the petals of your lotus takes due diligence and if you are called to undertake such a position, you have been afforded the opportunity to not only shape bodies but also thought patterns. It is a decision to Evolve. Go in Peace.

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Celebrating Yoga With The Bali Spirit Festival

Meghan Pappenheim’s dream of putting Bali on the map as an international centre of excellence for yoga has become a reality. By the last week of March this year, Ubud’s cafes and hotels were filling with a colorful tribe of young people gathering in anticipation of one of the world’s most inspiring events. They had come for the BaliSpirit Festival, which features internationally renowned yoga and dance teachers and global music masters.

BaliSpirit Festival Creator Meghan Pappenheim – Part 2

Meg’s businesses include her trendy restaurant KAFE, Tegun Folk Art Galeri and a yoga clothing shop nearby, successful BaliSpirit website, popular Yoga Barn with its health food restaurant and the internationally recognized Bali Spirit Festival

Contributor: Chloe Hallock – Yogini, Business Owner, Model & Friend

Chloe Hallock is a yogi, enterpreneur and owner of yoga based active wear line Choco Designs, artist, model, and Bikram yoga talent, all at the age of 22.  She started taking yoga classes when she was 13 and never stopped.  According to Chloe, "The way I felt after yoga was incomparable to anything else. I knew immediately this would … Continue reading Contributor: Chloe Hallock – Yogini, Business Owner, Model & Friend